Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Villa Javierto

Villa Javierto, used to be known as Pillar Plants and Novelties, is a product of my parent's, Emilio and Redemcion, love for plants and antiques.  The business started as an antique shop in 1995 inside the family compound of my mom. Later on, the business expanded and offered landscaping services,  Bed and Breakfast and most recently, a restaurant. 

Villa Javierto is located in Gulang-Gulang Lucena City which is 
a few minutes away from the busy city.  

Catalino's Restaurant

One of the main highlights in Villa Javierto is Catalino's Restaurant.  It is a hanging restaurant that is overlooking Mount Banahaw and the Alitao River.  One of the crowd favorites in our restaurant is the special halo-halo concocted by our mom.   A breakfast-all-day menu is also available for our guests and they can choose to have our special kape barako or native hot chocolate.